Unicornization Campaign: Developer Bounties Now Live!

Unicornization Campaign: Developer Bounties Now Live!

We are thrilled to announce that Reactive's Unicornization campaign has entered an exciting new phase! As part of our ongoing commitment to fostering innovation and supporting the development community, we are now offering developer bounties. This is an excellent opportunity for developers to showcase their skills, contribute to the Reactive ecosystem, and earn rewards.

What is the Unicornization Campaign?

The Unicornization campaign is an initiative by Reactive Network to identify and support the most promising ideas and projects that can be built on our platform. Participants can submit their innovative project ideas or check the currently available developer bounties.

How to Participate:

  1. Submit Your Ideas: We invite you to submit your ideas for projects or decentralized applications (dApps) that can be built on the Reactive platform. Our team will review all submissions to identify the most promising ones. Successful ideas will earn $100 in PRQ tokens. Visit our Unicornization page to submit your idea.
  2. Developer Bounties: Check out the currently available bounties for developers. These bounties are designed to reward developers who can create Reactive Smart Contracts or Reactive dApps that meet our specified criteria.

Types of Bounties:

We are offering two types of bounties: Reactive Smart Contract and Reactive dApp.

Reactive Smart Contract Bounty:

  • Must include an open GitHub repository and a cover letter with contact information and details of the bounty being applied for.
  • Code must implement one of the specified use cases with all required functionality.
  • Repository should be a copy of the template repository, including the Reactive Smart Contract, deploy script, and instructions.
  • If using own Origin and Destination Sepolia smart contracts, these must be included with deploy scripts and instructions.
  • Must provide addresses of the Reactive Smart Contract and Sepolia smart contracts.
  • Workflow description for each step, including transaction hashes, must be included.
  • If implementing cross-chain functionality, it should be demonstrated using two separate smart contracts on Sepolia testnet communicating through a Reactive Smart Contract.

Reactive dApp Bounty:

  • Must implement the front end, smart contracts, and Reactive Smart Contracts for specified use cases.
  • Fulfill all requirements of the Reactive Smart Contract application.
  • Repository must include front end code, deploy scripts, and instructions.
  • Cover letter should include a video demonstrating the workflow in the dApp.

Judging Criteria:

  • Best applications in the Reactive Smart Contract category will receive PRQ tokens equivalent to $400 or $600 USDT, depending on the bounty type. Each participant/team can win up to two Reactive Smart Contract bounties.
  • The best Reactive dApp will be awarded PRQ tokens equivalent to $1200 USDT. Participants can win the Reactive dApp bounty without winning the Reactive Smart Contract bounty, and it is possible to win both.
  • A jury of PARSIQ team members will determine the best submissions. The decision will be explained in the winner announcement.
  • Bounties are described briefly to encourage participants to develop their own original features and solutions.

Getting Started:

This is an excellent opportunity to contribute to the Reactive ecosystem, gain recognition for your work, and earn rewards. We look forward to seeing your innovative ideas and projects. Let's build the future of decentralized applications together!

For more details, visit our Unicornization campaign page.


The creators of ideas chosen to be turned into bounties will soon receive an email notification. This email will outline the details of your submission and the steps to claim your reward. Once you respond with the necessary information, you will receive your $100 prize in PRQ tokens. Thank you for your valuable contributions, and we can't wait to see these ideas brought to fruition through our developer bounties.

About Reactive Network

The Reactive Network, pioneered by PARSIQ, ushers in a new wave of blockchain innovation through its Reactive Smart Contracts (RSCs). These advanced contracts can autonomously execute based on specific on-chain events, eliminating the need for off-chain computation and heralding a seamless cross-chain ecosystem vital for Web3’s growth. 

Central to this breakthrough is the Inversion of Control (IoC) framework, which redefines smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps) by imbuing them with unparalleled autonomy, efficiency, and interactivity. By marrying RSCs with IoC, Reactive Network is setting the stage for a transformative blockchain era, characterized by enhanced interoperability and the robust, user-friendly foundation Web3 demands.

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