🚀 The Reactive Network’s Call to Pioneers

Unicornization 2.0 — Giving innovators the chance to create the next generation of smart contracts

🚀 The Reactive Network’s Call to Pioneers

As we stand on the brink of a new era in blockchain technology, the quest for more sophisticated, interactive, and seamless smart contract capabilities has led us to a significant milestone. The digital world as we know it is on the cusp of transformation, courtesy of Reactive Network, a venture that promises to catapult blockchain interactivity into uncharted territories.

Your Window to Innovation: Reactive’s Explorer

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it fuels our community. Those keen eyed followers of our socials may already know we’ve alluded to ongoing testing which has taken place on our Reactive Network closed testnet as far back as February.

Now we’re throwing open the virtual doors to Reactive’s explorer, allowing our inquisitive community members to take an exclusive peek into the heart of our network and to witness the flurry of activity, the symphony of innovation which will take place in real-time as Reactive Network grows.

Explore Now: https://kopli.reactscan.net/

The Reactive Unicornization Campaign: A Call to Creative Minds

In the spirit of unbridled innovation, we’re thrilled to launch the Reactive Unicornization campaign. This is your canvas, your stage, your arena to reshape the future of blockchain. Submit your most ingenious project ideas, and stand a chance to not just win prizes but to see your vision come to life on the Reactive Network.

Duration of Campaign — until 30 April 2024

What are Reactive Smart Contracts? Reactive Network is an on-chain reactive smart contract network, enabling smart contracts to observe events happening across multiple chains, before reacting and publishing new events on the target chain(s). Effectively it’s giving smart contracts the ability to interact and respond according to its own coding without user initiation. Observing events will also be gasless, making digesting data far cheaper and more efficient.

Topics of submission should include use cases which can be carried out fully on-chain, including but not limited to:

  • DeFi — liquidity management, lending protocols, AMM and more
  • Games — NFTs and FT asset management, automatic triggering of actions etc
  • Data — cross chain data analysis, comparing past trade data, major whale wallet tracking and automated execution etc
  • And much, much more. You don’t have to be a dev, just tell us what you believe can be done with Reactive Smart Contracts!

How to Participate in the Reactive Unicornization Campaign

  1. Idea Submission: At its core, the campaign seeks submissions of unique ideas for projects or dApps that leverage the power of Reactive Smart Contracts. Whether you’re a seasoned developer, a visionary entrepreneur, or someone with a spark of an idea that can transform the blockchain landscape, your contribution is valuable.
  2. Online Submission: To make your submission, visit the dedicated campaign page. Here, you’ll find a simple submission form where you can outline your idea, describe its potential impact, and explain how it utilizes the Reactive Network’s capabilities.
  3. Supporting Documents: While not mandatory, you can enhance your submission with any diagrams, technical documents, or additional information that provides a clearer vision of your concept.
  4. Submission Review: Each idea will undergo a thorough review by our team, ensuring that your innovation gets the consideration it deserves.

Why Participate?

  • Shape the Future: This campaign is your chance to directly influence the evolution of blockchain technology. Your idea could solve an existing challenge, open up new possibilities for dApp functionality, or even create entirely new markets within the blockchain ecosystem.
  • Win Prizes and Recognition: The Reactive team will reward the authors of selected ideas that are deemed feasible and promising, and then successfully built by either our team or supporting developers, with $100 each, paid in PRQ tokens. There’s no cap on the number of ideas an individual can submit and be compensated for, provided they meet the selection criteria.
  • From Idea to Implementation: Here’s where the campaign transcends traditional boundaries. Exceptional ideas will not only be celebrated but will also be transformed into bounties for developers on the Reactive Network. This unique approach ensures that your vision has the potential to be built, tested, and implemented, contributing real value to the blockchain community.

Why This Matters

Since its inception, PARSIQ has been at the forefront of the blockchain revolution, crafting the tools that parse the complex language of blockchain data into actionable intelligence.

Today, as we move towards the Reactive Network, our mission evolves yet further. We’re not just facilitating on-chain event reactions; we’re aiming to foster a community of innovation, a cadre of thinkers, builders, and dreamers poised to redefine the blockchain landscape.

The Reactive Network, with its suite of Reactive Smart Contracts and cross-chain capabilities, is more than a platform. It’s a promise — a commitment to empower developers and innovators to craft the Web3 applications of tomorrow. From automating complex trading strategies to managing smart liquidity, the potential is limitless. And with the Unicornization campaign, we invite you to join us in this journey of discovery and creation.

About Reactive

The Reactive Network, pioneered by PARSIQ, introduces a groundbreaking framework centered around Reactive Smart Contracts (RSCs), which evolve from current smart contracts by giving them the ability to execute natively based on specified on-chain events. RSCs enable the automatic execution of contracts based upon defined logic for all supported chains, thereby eliminating the need for any off-chain computation. Part of the new Reactive Network, PARSIQ is revolutionizing the capabilities of EVMs and creating a true cross-chain ecosystem to support the growing needs of Web3.

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